Joining the club is easy. 

There is no longer an orientation class to become a member at the range now. You can come out anytime to join.  You will be required to watch a safety video about the range and pass a short written test.  In order for spouse to receive badge, they will also have to watch the video and pass  the test.  Below are additional qualifications for membership.

New annual members $130 and $130 initiation fee for an annual membership the first quarter of the calendar year.

The $130 yearly fee is prorated by each quarter of the year.  For example new members joining April thru June pay $97.50 and the initiation fee. 

July thru September is $65 plus initiation fee. October thru December is $32.50 and initiation. All yearly memberships expire on 31 December of that year.  Yearly members must renew membership before or in the next new calendar year to avoid repaying initiation fee the second year after joining.

 This entitles you use the facilities and to participate in each of the club's activities as well as be eligible to hold office in the Club.

Revised 01-01-2018