Vote for ONLY ONE (1)   candidate per position. Indicate your vote by CIRCLING the name of the candidate or CLEARLY PRINTING the name of write-in candidate. Write in votes will only be counted if their availability is declared to the Club Secretary or Business Manager prior to the election. Eligibility for officer positions requires one year service on the Board of Directors prior to the election. 



           Randy Erickson **



Write In:______________________________________

Vice President

           Sam Grimes    **



Write In:______________________________________


         Grit Preston   **         



Write In:______________________________________


          Sue Carter   **



Write In:______________________________________

Public Relations Officer

          Bill Blackwell **



Write In:______________________________________

  • * indicates recommendation by the Nominations Committee 
  • ** indicates incumbent and recommendation by the Nominations Committee.       
  • Bylaws provide that the offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined.


Circle the name of the candidate or clearly print the name of the write-in candidate. Write in votes will only be counted if the person has declared his/her availability to the Club Secretary prior to the vote in the election. Three positions for three years will be open. Top three persons with the most votes get the three-year positions on the Board of Directors (BOD).         




Robert Kindl     **                  Write In ______________________________________


Dana Baygents   **                Write In _______________________________________


Allen Way **                          Write In ______________________________________


Walter Gallahan                      Write In _______________________________________


Bill Edwards                           Write In _______________________________________


Katura Williams                      Write In _______________________________________


____________________________________                             _______________________

Clearly print name of Club Member                                         Signature of Club Member



Detailed instructions for ballot are printed on the reverse side of the ballots available in the Club office.




                                 ABSENTEE BALLOT INSTRUCTIONS


1.  Absentee ballots may be completed at the Club office. Club members will write or mark their choices on the ballot, to include write in candidates. The ballot will be folded to insure privacy and placed in a plain white envelope supplied by Club office personnel. The Club office person receiving the sealed ballot will verify the Club member active status. The words “Absentee Ballot” will be written on the front of the envelope. On the backside of the envelope will be written the printed name and signature of the Club member on one side of the flap and the printed name and signature of the Club employee or Club official receiving the ballot will be on the opposite side of the sealed flap. These ballots will be placed in the ballot box and secured until the elections.


2.  Absentee ballots may be mailed to the Club.


      a.  Blank ballots are printed in the Muzzleblast and are online at our web site. 

      b.  Blank ballots are available in the Club Office.

      c.  Blank ballots may be mailed to Club members upon request to Club office personnel.


The Club member will write or mark his/her choices as well as the write-in candidates (if any) on the ballot. The club member will print his/her name and sign his/her signature on the ballot. The signature, however, must be verified by a Public Notary with the Notary’s name and seal on the ballot. The Club member will mail the ballot to the Club to the attention of the Club’s Secretary with the words “ABSENTEE BALLOT” plainly written on the face of the mailed

envelope.                      GRP Club

                                     ATTN:  Ballot enclosed

                                     9301 Zambito Avenue North

                                     Jacksonville, FL 32210



3.  Regular printed ballots will be on hand at the annual election on 7 November, 2020.  Any qualified person who announces his/her availability after 23 September will be on the regular printed ballot. 


4. The BOD terms for Toby Nolan, Tim Allen, and Bill King end on 31 December 2021.

5.  The BOD terms for Alan Rosner, Russ Misner, and William Todorsky ends on 31 December 2022.